Mixage Audio system Logic

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    Dear all, I am looking for a help on this exercise. Can any one help me please? I am lost.
    We have build two things:

    1. ALU simple
    2. ALU complex.
    All with addition, subtraction, carry, overflow, shifting right and left and also arithmetic shift to the right.


    Now we are given this exercise to complete with the above exercise.

    Mixage audio table:

    Using the ALU you have created in the above exercise, you have to build a mixing table for audio with 2 canals as entry.
    Each canal of entry is coded on 8 bits signed and also the output.

    your mixing table will have the possibility to add the two entries, control volume of each entries independently of canals.
    So the mixing table will then implent the folliwng functions:

    OutPut=(A*volA + B*volB) where A & B are the audio entries to mix and volA and volB will let to control volume of each canal.
    The interrupters in entry Ctrl[1..0] control the volume of A in the following way.

    ctrlA: volA:
    00 1: volume original
    01 2 amplified volume with gain of 2
    10 0.5 volume achived by 2
    11 0 mute

    The same for CtrlB applied.

    -if A*volA +B*volB will not generate overflow, output=(A*volA +B*volB)
    -if A*volA +B*volB will not generate overflow positive, , output=0x7F
    -if A*volA +B*volB will not generate overflow negative, , output=0x80


    simulate the systen with the circuit with the help of the test given.
    charge the system on the card by using the circuit interface
    Respect the naming as :
    A 8bit, B 8 bit, S 8 bit, CtrlA 2 bbit, CtrlB 2 bit
    Thank you
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    Jan 3, 2014
    Any help on this please? if any one has the understanding of this problem?