Mitsubishi rear projection TV (Big Screen)

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The model # is VS-45605, the problem I'm having is, the picture starts rolling after it gets warmed up. It works fine for about 15 minutes then the rolling begins. There are no adjusments for horizontal / verticle. I'm trying to get some suggestions on what it could be and how to fix it myself, without having to take it to a repair shop for something simple. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Possibly leaky/low capacitors in the sync separator or vertical stage. Check the sync pulse with a scope. Could also be the Vert osc drifting. There is a good chance there is a vert osc trimmer control in there somewhere, but I'd start by replacing the electrolytics around both stages first. NB, there are some quite lethal voltages floating around inside any TV (especially around the V+, Line Stage and CRTs). Thats why they have a stamp on the back saying that servicing should be done by suitably qualified persons.
NB, DON'T tweek any control except the vert oscillator, as they cannot easily be set up again. Many sets have been Written Off due to customer tweeking.....