mitsubishi FX2S PLC. BYTRONIC ITC.

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hi all, im having a problem programming the bytronic itc1. It regards pointer register and data registers. The information i have is as follows; the data retrieved from the component passing the inductive sensor is loaded into the first element of shift register M30, when component passes through the beam sensor, both inductive sensor pointer (M20) and data (M30) shift registers are shifted left by by 1 bit.
M20 has been designated as an inductive sensor pointer and is initialised with an 'ON' state in auxiliary relay M20.
The ladder diagram i came up with is as follows, if anyone could help me with this you will be of legendary status.

X1--------------------------------[PLS M0]
M0--------------------------------[SFTLP X1 M30 K4 K1]
X2--------------------------------[PLS M1]
M1--------------------------------[SFTLP X2 M20 K4 K1]
|-------------[SFTLP X1 M30 K4 K1]
Has anyone any experience in this matter or am i on the right track? Plus M20 AND M30 need to be logically 'AND'

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why don't you try to explain better what exactly you need to do? neither "bytronic itc1" nor " inductive sensor pointer" make any sense to me.

What I think you maybe given to do is part tracking using shift register. this is very common in tracking parts or features on a indexed line or conveyor.

This works by shifting data one bit at a time when "clock" sensor is triggered (in your case photo eye). the data to be shifted is status of the "part present" sensor (in your case inductive proxy".

there are different ways to do shifting, choice of right instruction depends on size of bit-field representing tracking zone.

but this is just what I think of it. what is it that you need?

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Panic Mode, i greatly appreciate your reply and you are correct it is tracking on a conveyor belt. I'm using four shift registers, two pointer registers and two data registers and there to be logically AND'ed at the reject area. I could send you a more detailed e-mail with images of the belt and all the data i have on it if that were possible, my mail is <SNIP>
thanks for your help.
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