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    Aug 17, 2008
    Hi all.
    Whilst removing some faulty components from the primary power supply on a digital freeview box pcb, i managed to dislodge a SM capacitor. In my efforts to get the ic out it seems i used too much heat and this component, which i hadn't noticed sitting 2mm from the end pin, dropped off the board. I didn't discover this until two days after the event,and by then it had long gone. I normally "Google" search for answers but as this is just a cheap Asda/Walmart product i'm not having much luck with any technical info, so my questions are these. Have i blown it or is it possible to work out the value of the missing cap and if so, even though it may be beyond me at the moment, how? or, is there a safe'ish cap value and voltage that i could use..etc. As you can tell i'm just a newbie hence the stupid situation. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    You could meter the voltage across the pads it sat on and determine a safe voltage value. That will hardly address the kind of capacitor, though. Hard to tell if it was a .1 uF ceramic bypass type, or a 10 uF tantalum filter. The first guess is pretty safe, though. The pad spacing should give you the SMD size.
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