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    Apr 2, 2009
    Hey guys..
    Sorry for being away for so long. I know there might be some members looking forward for my reply and all. ;)
    The thing is that my work station crashed, I need a major over haul. All of my work is done on it, cause it is very feasible since I am used to dual monitor usage for like every thing, and it is not yet up.
    A couple of things turned up at the wrong time and everything uses a lot of money, like renew the PC components and moving from my home, shut down my workshop, since I am running it next to my home,and move to an apartment for My house renovation and the Ramazan month is ahead which always exhaust my account and above all I have tons of work on my head.
    So with all that I couldn't get much time to be online and since I am using a crappy PC just to check my emails for the time being, doing any work of any kind uses too much time and my patience too :D.

    I have a lot of good work and circuit related thingy's for you guys to entertain with and all is yet to be documented. And also a lot of fun stuff to share but since my old reliable is down, everything is on hold for the time being.
    But I will be up and ready as soon as possible.
    Sorry for you all who might have been looking up to me.

    C ya
    Best of Regards to ya all.