Minimum voltage in short arc flashlamp ?

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I have a linear xenon flashlamp, with a short arc (approx 2.4in/ 60mm) which is used in pulsed applications.
Assuming that for a given voltage, the current is only limited by the lamp impedance K0.
I was wondering, once already ionized, around which voltage the lamp would stop being ionized ?
I read a long time ago, in a not so reliable source, that the minimum voltage should be 600v for a 3in arc length.


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Such calculations in regards to confined arcs are complected by 'ignorance' of an all important 'factor' (To: wit inner-vessel pressure at 'arc temperature' [i.e. peak current plasma pressure]) --- So... unless said parameter (i.e. "extinction voltage @ Imax") is specified by the manufacturer, my best advice is that you determine same via a stroboscopic (i.e. 'recurrent discharge') circuit and an O'scope....

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