minimum hamming distance in parity check

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The problem i have been presented says "A code for 8-bit data words uses one parity bit (bit 9) for the first four bits and a second parity bit (bit 10) for the next 4 bits of the data word. What is Dmin and how many errors is it guaranteed to detect?

I made a table of most of the datawords and found the parity bits by X-OR'ing bits 1,2,3,4 to get first parity bit and X-OR'ed bits 5,6,7,8 to get second parity bit. Then i found hamming distance by X-OR'ing most of the codewords and i get Dmin=2, and i think from this it can detect only one error, does this sound right?

I ask because my book is not very good and doesnt discuss this and it doesnt meet hamming code criteria because Dmin doesnt = 3