Minimize Noise of a Car Stereo

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I have one question on how to minimize noisy sound of car sereo. Could anybody help or give me some idea to eliminate or minimize it.
Problem Overview
when a car engine starts the sound of the car stereo is normal both AM and FM but if you step on a gas accelerator of the engine the stereo produce noisy sound. The increase of engine revolution the noisy sounds also increase.


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that noise is coming from the distributor w/c is being pick up by your radio. that noise could be pick up radio wave or thru your power lines. i thought that kind of problem no longer exist coz that had been address by car radio manufacturers.

anyway you can buy a suppressor and series that to the cable coming from your ignition coil. or make a filter for your supply line and put as close as possible to the unit and clean up the ground connection of your radio.