Miniature RF Communications Circuitry

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    Mar 15, 2011
    I am working on school project with my daughter, and we conceived of an idea to sort of help locate personal devices in the same way that cordless phones have the ability to press a "locate handset" button on the phone base to make a lost handset start ringing. So i am curious if someone can point me to some simple design for a capability like this. I am also wondering if bluetooth could be a good communication choice so that my "base unit" could be a PDA, computer or other device that can send a message over bluetooth to the lost device and tell it to start beeping. The device unit will need to be as small as possible, so i was thinking of some sort of watch battery and a miniature speaker and of course some sort of RF/bluetooth receiver circuit.

    I have not been involved in circuit design since my college days back in 1985 so looking for just simple descriptions here. Thanks for any help!