Miniature pulse transformer design question

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I am not very experienced with transformer design. I have developed a caouple of switching regulators but never with a transformer and I have a new project that I am working on that requires a single 3000v pulse at an average current of 100ma for a duration of about 75-100 us. I was considering charging a small capacitor with a photo flash circuit to about 300v and sending a pulse from that to a transformer to get the final voltage. The difficult part is that I need to make a low profile tranformer (1/8" thick x 1" wide x 1" long). I was considering winding a ferrite bar with say 30 turns for primary and say 3000 turns of 48awg for a secondary. I realize this might cause RF interference for a brief time but what else can I do?



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Transformers are practically an art form.

What is your application, and why does it have to be so small?

100mA @ 3kv is 300 Watts of power; it would likely be lethal if you were not careful with it.