Mini TrackBall as X/Y RGB LED controller

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Hi, I found a source of very cheap brand-new mini TrackBalls. These are high quality and very nice to use, I think they are the type that were typically to be used in laptops etc.

I just did a project showing how to hack the TrackBall connector and attach a standard 0.1" header so you can connect the TrackBall to your PIC or AVR etc.

I show how to hack the TrackBall here on my web page;

My project uses the TrackBall to control both colour and brightness of the RGB LED (using a PIC), but it could also control Voltage/Current or be used as an X/Y jog controller on a milling machine etc or any situation where you need to control 2 things with a neat little black control. :rolleyes:

It's an Australian surplus components place I got the TrackBalls from (under 2 dollars each!), and their web site says they sell internationally.

Cheers. :)