Minature RF Tag Detector

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I occasionally play street hockey during the week, and a continual problem that we seem to have is judging whether or not something is a goal. My hope is to create a device of some sort, that can passively detect if the ball went past the line or not. I had initially wanted to use a net-cam type of thing, like used in actual games, but it is neither practical nor cost-effective. Another idea I had was a to create small RF Tag detector system that can be put on the goal posts, very similar to the ones used in anti-shoplifting systems. I got some information on this at the following link, but I am having some difficulty understanding what parts I would need to achieve this. http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/high-tech-gadgets/anti-shoplifting-device3.htm

From my understanding, I could attach an antenna to one goal post, outputting a frequency of 8 Mhz and on the other goal post, I could have another antenna to receive the signal. A small RF tag would be put inside the ball, and when it passes between the posts the frequency received on one post would be different that emitted, indicating a goal. If this is correct, how would I emit and interpret the RF signal? I currently have an Arduino Microcontroller that can be used, but have minor knowledge of electrical components. Any help would be appreciated.