Miller's ramp circuit,square and trapozoital waves

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    Hi Y'all
    The curious interest to me is that the ramp voltage that this particular circuit depicts, that the photo expresses a ramp beginning a maximum voltage then decreases to zero voltage.I expect the opposite (minimum to maximum voltage) in regard to television yoke for the scanning process.
    I have also realized the passing a ramp voltage wave thru the coils
    produces not a linear ramp to move the beam from left to right. From gathered date about this subject it seems that a composite wave of square and ramp voltage is necessary to produce a linear ramp from minimum to maximum voltage which is being called a trapezoidal wave.
    #1,So how can the above photo attachment can be converted to produce a ramp voltage from minimum to maximum voltage?#2,are the T.V. from the 1990's thru the 2000 scanning coils, current or voltage controlled ( electrostatic or Magnetic)? #3. The feedback to base would that decrease the voltage that would effect the decease of the output voltage ?
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