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i dont know if im posting in the right section as im a new user and was wondering if anyone may be able to help me please

i have a 2002 land rover diesel freelander and wish to build a MPG monitor, mine has a OBD2 socket in the car which i belive will give me the live data i require to give me the instant mpg readings but havent a clue where to start and was wondering if anyone would be so kind to steer me in the right direction please

i know there are plenty of OBD2 readers online but as mine is before 2004 these readers wont read the live MPG

thanks again and would really appreciate if anyone may be able to help me please



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Also note that this site totally restricts you from mentioning the word "automobile" at all. As a new member myself, I just recently found this out (since I made something a while ago that I was now putting into my car and was modifying a circuit for it). It violates their terms of service, which just says "nothing in a car". I think the above instruction to go to is good. Otherwise, they list some more places to go here:

Hope this helps and good luck!


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