MikroBasic Pro and dsPIC help

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    Nov 3, 2010
    Hey all you super brains (I am yet to become one unfortunately :( )

    I have recently purchased a LV24-33 v6 Development board from MikroElektronika. Came with a PIC24FJ64ga010 MCU. I have installed and got working the MikroBasic for dsPIC (basic language) however I am having problems.

    I have history using qBasic and gwBasic many years ago in DOS (pre windows days) however I am having problems remembering all the different abbreviations, learning new abbreviations and mostly - addressing individual pins. All the examples and literature provided with the package I purchased tends to refer to entire ports as oppose to the individual pins of a port.

    i.e.: I can turn an entire port into an input, and an entire port to output however I am having trouble making the appropriate pins Counters etc.

    I guess my question is: Where and what is good literature for super n00bs like myself. secondly, If I make the software in another basic compiler, will the output .HEX file work with any programmer?

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    I would head into the Mikroe forums and open the floodgates.

    As for books, you really should get the MikroBasic book.

    The basic compiler has to support the PIC you are programing for.

    If you try to write a HEX file from a Atmel Basic compiler, it will not work.