Microwave transformer!

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What you are contemplating is quite dangerous, particularly so for a novice. If you make a mistake, you will have about 1,200 Watts of power passing through your body at around 2000 volts AC. This is more than sufficient to kill you very quickly. :eek:

This makes me very hesitant to even suggest a course of action for you, except perhaps to put the transformer away for a while, until you do a lot of reading and experimenting with lower-power circuits that won't kill you.


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Judging by the inserting needle into cheek video, he may not appreciate the 'be safe' advice. Maybe someone should've told him that the guys at Jackass have a team of doctors to tell them whether or not they'll be safe during their stunts, on top of a supply of sterile things to stick into themselves.

Seriously, you probably do not understand how vulnerable anyone would be to a shock by this transformer. Even after 6 years of education, both practically and theoretically-based, I wouldn't play with such a thing. Perhaps that's why I am still around.


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I am not going to touch the wires..... I have made a long stick with crocodille thingys on! I swear i wont get to close! Just please help me get it running!

I am going to experement on my own if you dont tell me. That even more dangarous!


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Electrocution can be a particularly slow and painful way to die.
Muscles and nerves get partially cooked, blood boils, and your skin splits open and becomes almost immediately infected.
Oh yeah, if you're really unlucky, your clothes will ignite and it is very likely you'll inhale the flames into your lungs.
If you are so hell bent to kill yourself, there are much less painful ways.
Frankly, you'd be better off playing with plastic explosive.

If you are still sure you want to "play" with this transformer, remember to call the coroner first and tell him to bring over the hot dog tongs and body bag.
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