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Hi, can anyone recommend a stereo microscope that can be used for fine pitch soldering and inspection? We are currently using Alpha ISIS scopes but would like to see if there is something out on the market better suited for our needs.

Thanks for any information you can supply.



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Of all the ones we have this is the finest of them.


If you're going to be ordering a lot of these get samples sent first or make sure of their return policy. When you set these up you'll want to have an reasonably adjustable ESD table, the 9" extention will help with it not being fully adjustable. Also you need an ESD safe ergonomic chair that has a wide height adjustment range. You're trying to keep the operators head as upright as possible.

Also ask them if they have an anti-sieze compound. I had issues with getting 0.5x and light adaptors off the scope body because they were siezed on. If multiple people will be using the scope either discard the rubber eyepieces or buy everyone their own set.

I'd piece one together rather than getting a kit though you might get samples of the PK4 and PK5 kits sent. I am NOT partial to the dual boom they are cranky. I'd also have them send all three types of light, I am partial to the incandescent for it's intensity. You may find the other two work well enough. The problem with the incandescent is it eats power and bulbs but it provides superior illumination to the LED or florescent.

45º inclined Stereo Zoom Binocular microscope body (SZ-BD-B2)
10X eyepieces (EM-LE-W10)
0.5X Auxiliary Lens (SZ-LA-05)
ring light adapter (SZ-LA-10)
ESD SAFE scope cover
There are other lights, I like the incandescent ones for the color and intensity of the light.
SZ-PK5-AN (Annular Ring Light)
Single arm boom stand (SB-BM2-S0)

I think this is the one we have, it may come with the boom stand, you want as much lenght of travel as you can get.
E-Arm or Focus Mount (SB-AB-SZ)

This is a MUST, it allows a great deal of operator comfort, ease of use and widens the types and sizes of the product you can use the scope with.

9" length vertical extension (SB-BM2-S008)
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