Microprocessor base electronic feautoscope

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Olayiwola Akinyemi

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hi, am working ona microprocessor based electronic featus heartbeat sensor.The sensor detects the featus heartbeat against time and stores this on a PIC microcontroller. This can now be displayed on a seven segment display or an oscilloscope.My main problem is how to program this microprocessor so as to perform this function. please i need advice from you all


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I don't know exactly - the shop I worked at made the first one back in the '70s. I heard about it, but never saw one. That one was EKG methodology.

This is a bit off to the side - the OP apparently has a working fetal monitor and wants to input an analog (?) waveform into the PIC and then have two displays, a basic rate and one that reproduces the original waveform.

The oscilloscope waveform, if I read correctly, could be accomplished most easily by going around the PIC and just inputting the monitor directly to the o'scope. If it's modern, it can probably sore a significant portion of the waveform for later analysis.

The rate display is just watching for those peaks and determining time between them.