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    Mar 4, 2012
    i have a cb radio that has a six pin microphone connection to the radio, the mic has radio controls built into it (chan up, modes, etc)the mic comes new with the radio, but the mic does not benifit from moudulation amplification, tone or echo , the connection to the plug inside the radio is via a very small ribbon cable that looks tightly packed into the radio so I dont really want to muck about with this. My idear was to use an old power mic as the amp and tone circuitry in a seperate external unit tapping into the rx and tx connections , and looping the original mic wires into the radio, to sum up

    a unit with f/male socket (in) and a male plug (out) 4 of the 6 wires would connected pin for pin, the other 2 wires (TX & RX) would be passed trough the old mic circuitry.

    this would give me the benifit of keeping the mic controls but also have preamped modulation (if this works i can fore go the echo)

    any help welcome as to why this would not work

    thanx in advance