microcontroller used in remote switch board.

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vishal khubchandani

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Hey I m new to Microcontroller ,
I need help regarding what is used in Home switch boards,
switch boards used by remote controlling,
what electronic thing can b used,
I am an software developer interested in this.

Thanks in Advance.
Vishal Khubchandnai.


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Its a switch board for Room Electric Devices like Cilling Fan , Lighting , and 3 Pin socket for any other devices.

You can use well known arduino board or Just a 328P Atmega M/C.

You can use Atmega 328p with Any IR Remote controller and a 2 Module Relay board and A IR Receiver like 1738
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virtually ANY micro can be used..
Could be as simple as an arduino and opto-isolated relay board.
or PIC/optos/relays.

You must ensure the contacts of the relay are rated to switch whatever devices you intend to control remotely.

and I guess a "home switch board" is the equivalent of the "main circuit breaker panel" in the US.. maybe??