Microcontroller to 3 phase bridge to control brushless motor

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Hey guys,

I am trying to use a microcontroller to control a 3 phase bridge to control a brushless motor. I plan on using an analog to digital converter for back emf sensing to for position sensing. Does anybody know if there is information regarding the logic I'd have to upload to the controller? Any open source information to do this? Any sort of instructions or tutorials of someone who has done such a thing before? Would super appreciate any information for implemention regarding this.

-I know you can use an arduino with the servo library to control an electronic speed control, but here I am basically trying to make an ESC from scratch. Is there any information on instructions to help do this?



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Microchip has a example software on it's site for BLDC motor control, it also includes current feedback sensing.
It is posted with the MC LV development board.