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Hello Everyone and thank you in advance!

Let me start with the background, a couple of buddies and I are working on a school project, involving wireless energy transfer.The picture below is an example of the circuit, however instead of a capacitor alone, it will have a varactor in parallel.

What we are trying to accomplish is have a micro controller read in a voltage drop that occurs when both the primary transmitter and secondary transmitter couple. Then have the micro controller tweak the voltage of the varactor to change the capacitance slightly and with the help of an algorithm determine the strongest coupling.

My question:
Are there any suggestions to what micro controller we could use? Or suggestions at all would be helpful!

Thank you all for your help and support!

Also we have to incorporate some programming into our project.


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anything with a few channels of built in ADC..
Many use PIC's..
Many use the Arduino platform.
What coding languages are you familiar with?

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mcgyvr Thanks for the reply
and sorry for the late response

So its a pretty basic operation then? I haven't worked with PIC's or microcontrollers so I wasn't sure what to go with, a professor of mine said go with a microcontroller.

Im familiar with C, C++ and some VHDL.