Microcontroller project for work

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I have been given the task of figuring out a way to implement a hardware check in a new device we are developing.

What needs to be done is to program a microcontroller that compares two separate EEPROMs (http://datasheets.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/DS2506.pdf) to see if they have the same information on them. If they do, set a HI and if they don't set a LO. Seems basic.

I haven't touched a microcontroller since 2002 when I was a sophomore in college. RF design was my bag then, hardware architecture and low-level programming languages. I wish I paid more attention now : )

Could someone please lend a guiding hand for me? My only experience coding is with MATLAB, however I love to program with it. I will use any help I can get.

Thank you.