Microcontroller for xbox controller

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Hey guys I'm a complete novice when it comes to this stuff, but I really would like to learn how to function a microcontroller. I want to put it on my xbox controller to do multiple timed actions, like RRX buttons to perform in a timed pattern. I know no one can tell me how exactly, but if you could guide me to the proper resources or recommend any books, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.


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Do you have any experience of programming or using microcontrollers? If so, do you have a specific microcontroller in mind?



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All I know is that the output on the Xbox controller is USB-based. You can easily hook it up to a computer with some wire splicing & electrical tape/saudering. Google the tutorial.

As for presetting a microcontroller to pulse a certain "Halo 2" cheat button combination, good luck with that.