Microcontroller for home automation, hifi remote etc(controlled by Synology NAS)

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    Nov 15, 2011
    hi folks,
    All started with the thought of writing a webremote for my Rotel
    Rotel Remote but the more I was browsing the web the more I found what is possible with my NAS and microcontrollers, especially Arduino. Those inspirations slowly boosted my original project what eventually ended up in pretty much automating my flat. One option would be just an microcontroller such as Arduino with an web/php server etc. but I want a most efficient setup.
    My idea is to connect a very basic Arduino or similar MC to my DS211+, this board should come with
    - without the need of ext. power, e.g. powered by USB
    - capability of controlling other boards by the DS through that board
    - digital outputs, switching external breakers to power on/off hifi-system, TV, lights
    - maybe with a RS 232 interface
    That should be no deal find a proper board on the market.
    By this means I have a most power efficient basic system - cable modem, low-power NAS and kind of power interface/controller for all higher equipped boards and all other electrical systems in my flat. Another target is to implement features as follows:
    - Ambilight, processing most likely done by an open platform and strong media player like Xtreamer Prodigy etc..
    - RGB LEDs 1
    - RGB LEDs 2
    what all can be controlled by a little app for smartphone or tablets. For sure that it's a challenge but nice to have :)
    - controlling my Panasonic VT30 by own written app
    But first I have to established a working solution to connect the MC to my DS. At the end end I have one web-interface in order to control all my engadgets' settings including some profiles adjusting anything with just one click :).

    So if you have any suggestion how to realize that project, best MC or software etc, just let me know
    Any help is welcome.