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    Oct 12, 2009
    I have some is89c52a-40pl plcc package microcontrollers. And i have a 44 plcc to 40 pin adapter. I have a genius 540 programmer that indicates it programs is89c52a and is89c52a (p44). However it will not erase my chips.It does read the signature bytes ok . According to the data sheet these chips have two programming voltages 12 and 5 and mine are five according to signature bytes,which may be the conflict. Questions : what does the (p44) indicate and does the plcc package need a special adapter or does the one to one 40 pin adapter work . Should my programmer be compatible with these chips if its device list says is89c52a and is89c52a(p44).One post on a different site said these are otp but the datasheet says otherwise ,can a part number be both. Also when it reads my chips the buffer is all 55s.I have multible chips and they all read the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.