microcontroller connected to WLAN network

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Hi all,

For my uni project I am required to find a way to successfully connect a S12 microcontroller to a WLAN network. The project requirements state that I have two possibilities of doing it, either I implement the IEEE 802.11 protocol, or I connect S12 to a circuit that implements that protocol. For this connection, I can use any of S12's interfaces (SPI, UART, USB, CAN).

Because I'm a complete beginner in this field, I'm not sure what these two options involve, but my common sense tells me that it would be better to find a circuit that does the implementation of that protocol and use it.

I also have to use a display to show the 'successfully connected' status somehow.

I don't know where to start or how to approach this project exactly, any hints or explanations will be highly appreciated. I will do the necessary digging in documentations, but right now I'm pretty stuck without knowing what would the steps of implementation of this project are.

Thank you for your time