Microcontroller connected to WiFi with an IR blaster for wireless remote control.

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I want to make a wireless IR blaster that takes commands over my Wi-Fi, and then sends IR blasts in my living room to control all my A/V equipment.
I have never worked with micro controllers before, but a good friend of mine is in town this summer and I plan on picking his brain.
What I want to know is a good micro controller (or even other product I haven't thought of) that can connect to my Wifi, plugs into the wall, and either has a port to allow the connection of an IR blaster, or can send info to another IR blaster such as:
I can't find any other IR blaster online that will connect to wifi, and I can't drop a cable, so that's out of the question.

I am also thinking that maybe bluetooth might be a more viable solution.
I plan on doing some programming for the iphone to send info over bluetooth or wifi to the microcontroller (or whatever I finally decide on) and then send info to the IR blaster.

I am open to suggestions of any kind. And I could use your guys' help since I am a complete nub at this stuff. Thanks!