microcontroller and other components you suggest for this application

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    May 19, 2011
    Factors to consider:
    1--Cost (cheap to build)
    2--Reliability (everything from signal interference to durability)
    3--Ease of use for a noob like me

    What I want to do:

    1 wirelessly transmit a signal to a transceiver that when activated turns on a light contained in the "pod" (self contained and powered transceiver/light unit).
    2 Have the light turned off manually upon arrival of a person (by a motion or IR sensor) when someone waves their hand over an "eye" from within 4 inches (give or take an inch or 2) of the "pod".
    3 When a "pod" light is turned off, a signal is sent back to the controller letting the controller know that someone has arrived at that location.
    4 The controller then (immediately) sends a signal to another "pod". This lets people know next destination and the process repeats for a specified time period.

    --figure 8-10 "pods" for one controller--
    --Controller will be within 100 feet of the "pods" it controls

    How would you suggest I go about making this happen (remember I am as green as they come in this arena)

    Any help is much appreciated