Microchip fixed point math library 16CXXX

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    Jan 6, 2004
    I've tried to compile fixed point routines from the math library in Microchip AN 617.

    I found that, divide or multiply, almost at the very end, use a flag (BSF FPFLAGS,NAN ) that is suposed to be employed in floating point routines.

    Obviously, the compiler gives error because FPFLAGS and NAN do not need to be defined.

    In the code zip file acompannying that app. note, there is an archive showing FPFLAGS and NAN, among other, as specific for floating point routines.

    Curiously, the contents of that archive is not include in the .pdf version of the AN617.

    Anyone knows what's actually going on?

    Help appreciated.

    Agustín Tomás