microBasic vs PicBASIC Pro

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Hi All,

I am looking for general feedback of microBasic vs. PicBASIC Pro? I
am a beginner with PIC microcontrollers.



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I am an advocate PicBASIC Pro.
Later on, it's libraries, and dissassembly of compiled progams can be used to help you learn assembler.
I haven't used microBASIC, or any pic C compiler, but I can say PBP generates
code that although not as tight as would be expected with an asm program,
but executes well.
Consider learning/using Assembly language or C/C++.
They are pretty much just as fast as BASIC when coding if you understand it well enough.
Additionally, you will learn a lot more about PIC Microcontrollers from using these languages. With VB (invisibly) you're writting code that calls libraries and runtimes to do your work.
You can never fullly understand a project when using these languages.
I wish BASIC wasn't invented. LOL


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How did VB get dragged into this? It's not a pic programming language. not all of us have the time or inclination to learn C or assembly from the start. I'm learning assembly through PBP. Also to be fair you'll need to also consider Proton basic and COW? (open source free basic pic compiler). i've never used mikro or proton but i know PBP has a great support, as well as a very active forum. www.picbasic.co.uk You can also combine assembly with picbasic pro. as i learn asm, i use it more and more. Each of the pic programming basics has they're own strengths. pbp is overall strong, with fairly small code. while proton has better (more) math capabilities and cow has some interesting features (input from ps2 keyboard and string handling). if i had the money i.d buy them all. I do have to stress how impressed i've been with the forums (pbp) help from explaining really usefull features to showing how to get around a few weaknesses with assembly.


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If you have the time or can take a class or whatever, you really should look into learning C or better yet, assembly. Asm can be used anywhere, on any processor, not just pic's. And C has greater support as well as many many more examples or completed projects available through both books and the web.