micro mouse sensor circuits

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hey ,
please figure out my problem and help me out.
i am doing a maze solving robot (autonomous),for that i am using ir sensors,INTEL 8051 on the development board of atmel prescribed generally for 89c251.. for that i am using stepper motors
1. How to give input to these motors from the IC?
2. What should be the circuit diagram for the ir sensor circuits ?
3. How to assign digital values to the analog signal coming out from the photo diode(sensor) using comparators .........please do give circuit diagram for making connections?


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With out knowing the size and rating of the motors, the propper precautions and technique cannot be established.

If you want generalities, they are in the data sheets.

For stepper motors, you send them a pulse. The pulse will advance the motor shaft 1 step. (The stepper motors datasheet will tell you which wires and voltage and current requirements.

When you find that information, you can use a diode and a transistor to step up the signal coming out of the IC to the proper level for the motor. You want to use decoupling or diode protection for your uC. The inductive load of a motor or relay can cause spikes sent back to the uC, damaging it.

As for the sensor, are you looking for a range response or a simple boolean? If the sensor is only sensing 'ON' and 'OFF' you can use a resistor and a transistor to set the on and off levels. If you want a varied response, you will instead want to us an ADC.
The analog digital converter will convert the range of the sensor into a numeric digital range. You can use software to interpret the results.