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    Jul 9, 2011
    Has anybody worked with this receiver IC?


    I'm working myself through the datasheet, on page 11 it says something about impedance matching for the antenna and inductors to use. But it doesn't say anything about the Q-factor of these inductors. Or does this not matter that much? Has anyone had any experience in using and configuring this IC? I'm planning to use 433MHz.
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    Well, 68nH and 15nH are very small inductances.

    5 turns of AWG24 magnet wire on a 1/8" drill bit shank with a total coil length of 1/8" will get you right around 68uH, and the Q will be pretty good. But, parasitics of traces leading to the inductor would add significantly to that.

    For the 15nH inductor, about all you'd need would be a short straight length of wire.

    Depending on how many of these you're going to make, you might consider just designing the inductors as traces in the PCB itself.

    You might not have thought about it, but MOSFETs in TO-220 packages have around 7.5nH inductance in each lead; which is one big reason that limits the frequencies at which they can operate.