mic insert vs piezo transducer?

Discussion in 'The Projects Forum' started by Neil Groves, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Sep 14, 2011
    ok i just built a sound to light circuit (colour organ) and works fine with line in, i hooked up a mic via a pre amp and no signal, i then tried a different design of pre amp and still no signal, i breadboarded a 3rd design pre amp and no signal, i thought this is really odd, i went out and bought another mic insert, STILL no signal so in desperation i ripped the mic off the board and fitted a piezo transducer i had laying around and hey presto, gallons of signal at the output, so my questions are thus..........
    Can i use a piezo transducer in place of a mic insert?, why would a tranducer work and not a mic insert? is the tranducer as efficient as a mic insert?
    the mic insert i tried is from the velleman sound to light unit kit, the transducer is from radioshack, the circuits i tried for the pre amp were an op amp design, a bipolar transistor design and a f.e.t input design, none of which work with the mic.
    any idea's please?

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    It is very confusing when you have the same project on two websites and on many separate threads.
    I replied on the other website to a few of your threads but since most are duplicated then I missed some threads here.

    The Velleman Sound to Light Kit #103 comes with a 2-wires electret mic. It will not work if its pins are connected backwards or if it is not powered. It already has a mic preamp, why did you add another preamp? How did you connect them?

    A piezo transducer usually sounds awful.

    Please attach the schematics of your Sound to Light circuit and preamps here, not on another thread.
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    Dec 20, 2007
    On the other website he said his electret mics did not work because he forgot to power them.