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    May 13, 2010
    Use Mesh analysis to find IOin the network given below. Identify and label each mesh otherwise you will lose your marks. Write each step of the calculation to get maximum marks and also mention the units of each derived value.



    Please solve this question for me thanks
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    I'd think you are unlikely to get any useful responses to this as it stands.
    Members are willing to help you understand something, but not just do your homework for you.
    I'd recommend deleting the other 2 posts: once you understand this one you should be able to do the other 2 on your own.
    Also please show what you have tried and where the gaps in your understanding are.
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    markd77 is correct. Here at the forum we encourage members seeking assistance with homework assignments to demonstrate a genuine effort to solve the problem. To have a member solve the problem for you prevents you from developing the problem solving skills fundamentally essential to the learning process.