Mesh Analysis h.w. problem

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Dear All,

I've been stuck on this for a couple hours. I'm hoping somebody out there can give me a hand.

Objective: Solve for v using Mesh Analysis method.

Meth analysis goes like this:
1. Draw circuit in planar form (if possible.)
2. Identify meshes and name mesh currents. Mesh currents should be in the clockwise direction. The current in a branch shared by two meshes is the difference of the two mesh currents.
3. Write a KVL equation in terms of mesh currents for each mesh.
4. Solve the resulting system of equations.

I can't write KVL equations since there are no voltage sources, only current sources. So what I tried to do was this...

For the 4k resistor, the current through it is
i = 6mA - 4i
i = 6/5 mA

So the current in mesh 3 would be 4i = 24/5 mA = 4.8 mA. Using ohm's law, the voltage across the 8k resistor would be: v = 4.8 * 8 = 38.4 V. But that's wrong :(. The answer is -32 V. Help!


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I am going to bed, so if no one else has answered you by tomorrow evening I will post a response.

But, you do not need a voltage source to write KVL equations.


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Here's how you solve it:

Write your constraint equations for the current sources:

I1 = 6mA (I1 goes in the same direction of the current source)
4i = I2 - I3 (I2 goes in the direction of the current source, while I3 opposes it)

now the current "i" is I1-I2.
i = I1-I2

So here are your equations:
I1 = 6mA
4000*(I2-I1)+10000*I2+8000*I3 = 0
4i = I2 - I3, plugging in i = I1-I2, this equation becomes:

Now plug this into a matrix:

>> a = [1,0,0;-4e3,4e3+10e3,8e3;4,-4-1,1]

a =

1 0 0
-4000 14000 8000
4 -5 1
>> b = [6e-3;0;0]

b =


>> a^-1*b

ans =


>> -.0040*8e3

ans =


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Thank you very much farmosh for the clear and detailed explanation. :D

What program were you using to do the matrix math?

Thanks again.


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Greetings jut,

You can also avail yourself of the MDETERM() function in Microsoft EXCEL to handle matrix algebra if you happen to have access to EXCEL.