Membrane Switch Repair/Replace

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I'm a tinkerer looking for some advice. I have a Cardiozone Elite T treadmill with a bad membrane switch. Specifically, The power button has worn out. It have a great motor and I don't have the cash to buy a new one. The problem is that they do not manufacture this particular membrane anymore so a wholesale replacement is not an option.

Here is my idea:

I found a similar membrane here:

It has one extra button than I need (the broken membrane has 9, this has 10) but so long as i line up the ribbon that powers the circuit correctly, shouldn't is work?. A picture of the broken membrane is attached. This new membrane will probably rearrange the location of particular buttons but I will just relabel them. I'm not worried about the look of the thing, only the function. The question is, will this work? Any thoughts?

If it wont work, anyone have any pointers on repairing a single membrane button?


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To add to this, the treadmill has two separate controls for speed and incline to they are not critical to have on the membrane. I really only need power, and start/stop


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There is a slight possibility the other membrane may work, but it all depends if the conductor lines are assigned the same in the same physical order.


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I repaired the membrane switches on my kitchen stove by completely replacing them with a push button switches. I bypassed the original ribbon cable and took the wires from the switches all the way back to the PCB. Of course I had to know which conductors went to which spots on the PCB. The finished job looks fine, and if you only need one I think it's worth considering this approach.


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There is a repair kit for membrane switches. It comes with a pen using silver based paint.
The problem with this repair is that it will fail again at some point.
Replacing the membrane switches with push buttons is your other option.