Member postings statistics 31 Juli 2009

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    Apr 5, 2008

    At this moment we have 56995 members.
    Of those members 13716 have made 1 post or more.
    So we have 43279 members who have registered to look at the forum links and attachments.

    From the 13716 members are
    12182 members new members (1-9 posts), there are 5522 new members with 1 post only.
    1261 junior members (10-49 posts)
    128 members (50-99 posts)
    and 144 senior members (100 or more posts).
    From the senior members there are 19 with more than 1000 posts.

    The number of senior members is growing (there are more members with over 100 posts).

    So the higher the number of posts the smaller the crowd.