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    Medicine Dispenser
    We are doing a plc-based project, medicine dispenser, we are told to dispense medicine at user's desired time intervel and number of times per day. When it is time to dispense, a buzzer will sound to alert the user. The buzzer sound will be deactivated when the user opens the dispenser drawer(with motion sensor attached), take the medicine and closes it. After 8 rounds of dispensing medicine, it will alert the user to refill the medicine dispensing compartment.We are using Matsushi ta FP0-C14CRS Terminal Block Type PLC with two expansions sets of FP0-E16RS for the inputs and outputs.

    Help we need:
    1. For the customized time intervel, we would like to have a 1-9 up and down counter and for the customised number of times per day a 1-5 up and down counter. We need help to design a circuit diagram and also like to know how to connect the 7-segment display to the PLC.
    2. We also want the medicine dispenser to be idle from the last intake of the day to the following morning (approximation of 7hrs).
    3. We would like to have a circuit of how to link the buzzer and motion sensor.
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    Is this also the "All About Free Engineering Help For The Product We're Designing And We Want You To Do All The Work And We Won't Compensate You For Your Time Thanks Bye" Forum?

    You have not demonstrated any effort other than rattling off a list of requirements, so why should anyone help you?