Measuring Capacitance with respect to ground.

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    Sep 2, 2008
    I am trying to measure capacitance of a system which is consist of 100 pin recepticals mounted on a PEEK insulator. Pins are seperated with eqaul distance (2mm) and in square geometry. The whole assembly is mounted on a steel chamber. I want to measure capacitance of any pin with respect to ground (real ground) or steel body whics is grounded.

    I am using GW-INSTEK LCR819 impedence meter.
    I am geting different measurement results using different techniques..!
    first I made an open calibration test on the probes and then measured capacitance on the pin w.r.t ground. I got some value in pF, and then by swaping the probes I got -ve value..!
    Then I performed open test by connecting one probe to the ground and then measured the capacitance and it showed zero and after swaping the probes no result at all.

    I dont know which way is correct to measure capacitance of any system with respect to ground. LCR probes are marked with Lforce(Lf),Lsense(Ls),Hforce(Hf), H sense(Hs). What is the significance of these labels?