measure UV light wavelength with pic controller

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hello master i need help for measuring UV light wavelength. I am using PIC controller and i need to measure uv light wavength. So which parameter
can help me to find out exact wavelength of UV light. if this is possible in matlab then also you can help me.


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Since a PIC does not have a UV wavelength measurement module it becomes irrelevant if you use one or not.

What you need is a UV wavelength measurement device with some sore of (preferably) digital or (may just work) analog output. Offhand I know of no method; that is not to say it cannot be done, it means I do not know how to do it.

You should research UV wavelength measurement techniques and devices. I suggest Google or Wikipedia to start, and wish you good luck.


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...can help me to find out exact wavelength of UV light.
You're thinking of this wrong. There is no such thing as an "exact" wavelength. You measure within a band of lambda±∆L. The tighter you make the range, the less photons you will detect within that range. It's unlikely to have a source emitting at a very narrow band of wavelengths. It's more likely to have spectrum, and you measure over several wavelengths. The measurements don't mean anything until you calibrate the detector over that range of wavelengths.