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  1. haru

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    Jun 9, 2011
    can anyone compare the FPGA vs PIC16F877A vs 8051

    >the advantages and disadvantages
    >precise and specific...pls pls help..
    >which one is better
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    Jun 11, 2010
    Which FPGA? A typical FPGA is an addressable array of lookup tables that are used to select and mimic logic gates. Field Programmable Gate Arrays. You use some form of Hardware Definition Language to program them. For some types of brute force programs they are unbeatable, except by ASICS which are not worth discussing unless you have $50k+ to invest.

    8051 is pretty common in learning labs. Originally an Intel chip (Intel discontinued them 2007), equivalent chips are available from many other manufacturers with different degrees of modification or expansion.

    PIC16F877A is made by Microchip mfg and is a widely used and supported. For example you would find more than a few discussions on these boards involving projects with this chip.

    You didn't mention Arduino/AVR or other types of MCUs, but the AVR could be lumped with 8051 since they have a few versions.

    I suggest you check, DIGI-Key, and Newark for dev boards and chips.
    A main reason I suggest them is because they work so hard to make sure they have fully informed customers that they all link you to important datasheets and manufacturer websites.

    If you are not ready for data sheets then Wiki 101, Youtube 107, and Google 110, are the courses of study you need.

    General types of questions, tell me everything in specifics, or which one is better have to catch people on a very good day to get anything much for a response.

    (Equivalent type of question would be - Compare which is better chocolate chips or peanut butter? Tell me everything precise and specific.)
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    Apr 24, 2011
    I suspect this question belongs in Homework Help. ;)
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    Well, the PIC16F877A is rather "long in the tooth"; it's been around for awhile. Microchip recommends considering the PIC16F887 instead.

    One problem you'll always face is product obsolescence. While the 8051 is a standard for uC architecture and has been around for awhile, the PIC16F877A is rather proprietary, and if/when Microchip decides to discontinue the device, the application will have to be ported to another device.