MC-40 treadmill speed controller

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    Jan 25, 2012
    HI folks:
    I've bought a an MC-40 speed control, a 2hp dc motor, and a choke with the idea of using the system to control an industrial sewing machine, taking the place of the oldfashioned clutch motor. The approach works but I'm struggling with the start-up delay which is built into the treadmill control system. I need the motor to start in a non-delayed fashion as I increase the speed control from its off position.
    I've reversed- engineered the circuit board to the point that I have a pretty good schematic with all parts identified, but am not sure what changes to make to eliminate the delay. I'll try to post the schematic to see if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks

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    Jan 25, 2012
    Here's the schematic:[​IMG]
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    I believe I have the same schematic some where.

    You have to find the ramp generator that initializes the motor control circuitry.

    Disabling it completely is not advisable as we dunno how well the driver can handle load dumps.

    A better approach is to decrease the ramp time. The Motor should start slowly to avoid load surge on the driver. Sudden load may blow the power switch u know.

    For this scope is essential.

    I have a scope but I don't have tht circuit to find out the ramp capacitor or it's RC circuit.