May I know what is this part number stand for?

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May I know for Igbt p/n HGTG11N120CND & HGTG10N120BND ,what the 'CND" & "BND" stand for ?
If I intend to know the descriptions or explanation about a part number ,any websites recommended?


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Download the datasheet and read it.
They also make a HGTG11N120CN (no D suffix)
No idea what the "BND" version is; it may be an obsolete lower-gain version of the CND.

For general inquiries on various part numbers, I've found:
to be helpful. You have to wade through some advertising, but there is no charge to obtain datasheets - which are indelibly "marked" with "WWW.ALLDATASHEET.COM" on the Acrobat Reader menu bar when you open them up. While somewhat annoying, it also serves as a reminder that you should download the latest datasheet from the manufacturer.

Many of their datasheets are not up-to-date; often you are better off going directly to the manufacturer's site and downloading their datasheets. Conversely, you can find datasheets for discontinued items, which can be very helpful when troubleshooting existing designs. However, if you are planning on building a new design, you should consult the manufacturer to ensure that the component is not planned for obsolesence (being made obsolete; discontinuing production).


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I just googled HGTG10N120BND and the first hit was the fairchild website. Cripes, people! Is it so hard to just try to look stuff up first? And just read the datasheets! Then ask questions about what you don't understand.