Maximum allowable SCR gate voltage


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200μF is a pretty big capacitance, so I would expect that the capacitor is electrolytic. Is it going to be subjected to reverse voltage on the negative hal-cycles of the 24V AC? Most ordinary electrolytics would object to that!

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The way you are trying to do this won't work. Your variable resistor will burn up, among other problems.
I ran simulations on the circuit posted below. It should work, but be aware that the maximum duty cycle is only about 25%, and this is not a square pulse (leading edge follows sine wave).
Be aware that I have no idea how your motor will respond to this.


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Thanks for your effort in coming up with the motor control circuit and for running simulations on it. I will check it out with the motor when I have a chance to collect the parts, but in the meantime I would like to pursue my present scheme before I give up on it. I know it has problems, but I am not concerned about the variable resistor. I am using a rotary switch rather than a pot and I believe, through a combination of careful selection of the resistance values near the low end and selection of resistors with adequate power rating, I can avoid any burn-out problems.

I have some questions about the 0.025 ma and 1.5 volt figures that NTE gets for IGT and VGT in their test which I have contacted them about.