MAX712 Charger Questions

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    Sep 2, 2010
    Well, after a lot of research, I finally concurred that I would build a battery powered audio amp, and that it would be based off the TDA2822M. I wanted something simple, but with a little bit more power than something like an LM386, for example.

    Its not going to draw that much power but enough that it would drain expensive batteries pretty quickly. So, I decided, well it might not be a bad idea to use rechargeable batteries. However, I don't want to have to take out 8 AA batteries every time I want to charge it and put it in an Energizer charger or something.

    EDIT: I just noticed "Load" on the schematic which would clear up like 50% of the issues I was wondering about. Whoops.

    What would happen if I/someone turned on the amp while it was charging? Also, if the batteries are in series, would I need something like 15V or more like 1.5V?

    I am going to charge 8-10 AA batteries in series, but I'm not quite sure how.


    PS I asked a question similar to this before, and someone told me about reverse voltage/current. How would I conquer that?
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