Max Power Consumption vs Max Power Rating

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    AC Power Max Rating

    System Power Consumption

    330W nominal/400W max​

    Input-Voltage Range and Frequency

    AC 100 to 240 VAC 50-60 Hz/DC -72 VDC to -40 VDC​

    DC Power Max Rating


    Total Output BTU (Note:

    1000 BTU/hr = 293W)

    1122 BTU/hr (330 W) nominal/1365 BTU/hr (400 W) max​

    Input Current

    AC 11A @ 110VAC, 6 A @ 200VAC/DC 25A Max​

    Output Ratings

    12V @ 62A & 3.3V @ 3A​

    Output Holdup Time

    AC = 16 ms; DC = 4 ms @ maximum load​

    Dear guys, how do I calculate the fuse for this appliance? Do I take the power of 400w or 330w? Why does it differ so much? Which voltage do I take? Sorry noob here.​

    Why does a fuse trip based on the amount of current an appliance draw? Why not voltage or power? What happens if I use a fuse that far exceeds the current it is supposed to used? e.g 10A fuse for 1A appliance​
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    It looks like whatever this is can be operated off of several different supply sources and the nameplate is simply generic and covering all the bases.

    It's hard to interpret some of the data when you haven't told us what this thing is.

    For fusing, I would use the Input Current ratings for whichever power source is being used.

    If you use a fuse that is too high then the unit could malfunction and draw lots of excess current without blowing the fuse. Depending on the appliance, that could be a recipe for serious damage to the equipment or a fire or other not-good things happening.

    The fuses are based on current because the voltage is going to be pretty stable and unchanging. Since that's the case, fusing on the current and fusing on the power are essentially one-and-the-same.
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    Oops. I just realized that this was in Homework Help.

    I don't know if I gave away too much too easy or not. I guess I'll let it stand.