Matlab project on voice recognition

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Hi everyone,
I am final year student at an university and have a project on voice recognition. A speaker speaks a few pre-defined
words into the system, and the system matches the audio waveform with
templates. If there is a match, Matlab returns a value to the user.
Has anyone done this program before? I am very new in Matlab and I
would very
much appreciate it if anyone could mail me their code so that I can
learn from



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I have moved this to its own thread.

Perhaps you could embellish on what you need to do from a high-level - perhaps you could draw up a diagram indicating how you propose to approach the problem. You also tell us what you already have, for example, do you already have the audio templates or do you need to generate them?

It is likely that we can help with the Matlab programming, but the specific nature of the project will need to be dictated by you.


I am also working on the same project i.e speech recognition on matlab. I have tried to use the specgram function -- which gives the frequcency domain plot of the sound wave with their intensities for finding the characteristics of the spoken sound. But i am still working on the same, so its crediability is yet to be established.
Reply if you have any updates on it.

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