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    Oct 20, 2009
    Hello everyone

    i v just joined the forum and i would like u to give me some sort of help in my induction motor project
    i am using matlab to carry out the value for torque and then plot the torque Vs speed graph using matlab

    so i am given the parameters

    to carry out the torque values for (rotor speeds(wr)=from 0-50rad/s)

    knowing that slip=s=0 when wr=50rad/s
    and slip=1 when wr=0

    Torque=(3/wr)*(I2^2) * {R2(1-s)/s}
    To sum up i want to produce a torque speed plot using matlab

    i suppose that i can do that using for loop
    i think that it is not hard but i am not that good in matlab

    here is my little attempt

    for I2=5.42

    for R2=.8
    for s=.02

    plz help!