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    Oct 10, 2007
    Hello to everyone here,
    I'm completely new to matlab, and have recently been given
    a project to display a graph in real time. However for nwo;
    i'm already having problems displaying in static form.

    my first problem is that i have a .dat file which has 4
    lines of header,ive tried using the import wizard but i've
    had no luck to load the file. I basically need it to omit
    the four lines and store the info somewhere where i can
    alter the data, and then use it to produce a graph.

    the data is in the following form:
    2006/12/01 13:33:00 1 2.5 48
    2006/12/01 13:34:00 2 2.5 49

    I need to plot time vs. the third & fourth column.
    I will at some point need apply formulae to the third
    column,but for now i would just like to see it dipslaying a
    graph. The problem i'm having is with the time & date do i get it do display the time & date stamp
    along the x-axis, and in the right way (01/12/2006

    if anyone could help me with it would be great, i've looked
    at the help files, and it has some useful information, but
    i get stuck knowing what commands to use and how to apply

    Thanks To ALL!!